Friday, January 21, 2011

We Don't Need Another Traditional Analyst Firm

Today we announced HRX Analysts, focused on developing independent research into HR buyers and providers of HR software and services. It’s the announcement I referenced in my last post. I’m excited, but it’s hard to choose what I’m most excited about:

• working with the smartest and most creative friends I have. John Sumser at HRExaminer, and Bret Starr, Steve Smith, and every single one of my colleagues at Starr Tincup;

• building a company that is doing something that hasn’t been done before;

• or, bridging the gap between the HR Buyer and the HR Vendor, in a way that makes the market better exponentially.

I’ve taken the role of President, so the job description is really clear: run it. I’ve had a little bit of experience with that, so I think I’m ready. ;-)

The bar is high this time. I’m running a new venture, providing services independent of the two firms that helped create it. Those two firms happen to be industry powerhouses – Starr Tincup is THE full-service marketing agency in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space. – and John Sumser is an HCM media giant that sees and calls trends in this space well before anyone else. No pressure.

HRX Analysts will not be your old-school “traditional” analyst firm. We are focusing on brand. When I say brand I mean the place where the rubber meets the road for buyers and sellers in the market. The intersection between who a vendor is, how the market sees them, and how customers experience them. We’re leveraging technology and research methods that are innovative and not available in the HCM space to do this.

As an executive in the space since the 90s, building some of the most successful brands in it, I’ve consumed large numbers of hours of analyst and consulting time over the years – much of the time walking away scratching my head with regard to the value. The business I’m building gives you analysis you can actually use to cause changes in your strategy, business, or product that will impact your customer or your revenue in a meaningful and positive way – and consulting that will impact your business and provide sage advice to your team – battle tested advice and input that will help your team become more effective in a sustainable way.

The HR Buyer is the ultimate winner here. We will debunk myths about who you are and how you buy; give you perspective on the vendors, and who they are, that will help you make better decisions on what services and technologies to consider and ultimately use. We are going to cut through the noise in the space with our unique technology and research methods, giving the buyer clarity that wasn’t available before.

Stay tuned for the new website, new personal blogHRTECHANALYST.COM, etc.

This should be fun…

Here are links to the announcement on the HRExaminer and Starr Tincup websites: