Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've Been Here Before And I Like This Place

What a week for HRX Analysts!  Since our announcement momentum and traction has picked up on all fronts.  It seems that we were right on track in addressing the market's need for a clear picture of the buyer - as defined by the buyer ... combined a clear picture of what both customers and prospective customers think and feel about HR tech and service vendor brands is more than a little valuable to BOTH the buyers and marketers of services and tech in this space.
Our research effort is cranking.  It's more than just research.  We're building a panel (community so over-used, and so not what everyone needs) of HR Practitioners that are happy to candidly tell us what they think of themselves and their vendors in return for what we find on all fronts.  We are shortly going to an ENGAGED panel of a very large number of practitioners.  That's right - engaged.  And the number is getting so big, I'm saving it for a press release.  John Sumser wrote a piece on the Panel and why and how participation is so key.  Find it here:

Multiple reports are already defining themselves.  Based on the research, input/feedback from practitioners, and vendors clamoring for input on brand in a few key segments.  We are systematically pointing our technology, research, and field efforts toward several of the key segments.  I've started personally inviting a few vendors give us an overview of their brand.  The dance card is getting full... invitations are going out at a pace we can keep up with on the responses.  If you'd like to get your firm on the right list before our reports are published, you can reach me at

Products are shaping up nicely, and with client input.   Our cadre of products and services is shaping up nicely. 

Website Content is Close.... The progress on product and service definition tees up the website really well.

And last but not least - in fact most important - everyone involved in this effort is getting more and more passionate and more and more excited ... having more and more fun the more we do here.  And we've all been here before - we've all had some pretty successful runs - so, when these guys get as excited as I am, but didn't quite share because I didn't want to sound like the "rookie me of 15 years ago".... well.... that means something special is about to happen. 

Just an update on HRX Analysts for anyone that cares.  A more meaty post for Friday... or thereabouts ;-)


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