Sunday, May 13, 2012

#hrwins Woot! Woot!

Innovation.  Lots of buzz going on these days about it.  Our economy is becoming more and more driven by knowledge discovery or new ideas.  Businesses are looking for a new breed of leaders and staffers -  there is a new type of company filled with professionals that can drive results while exponentially increasing business value via innovation.   HR Leaders in all markets are being tasked with finding ways to help foster this new breed of company.  They are looking for ways to innovate and create better, easier to use HR practices to do it, and they are leaning on HR Technology to help make it happen.
If HR leaders became the stewards of innovation, leveraging technology to foster collaboration, engagement, and innovation across the enterprise it would be an incredible win for the HR profession.
I believe there is a changing of the guard beginning to take shape for new  market leading HR Technology products.  The most innovative HR Technology firms, those that truly help HR become the stewards of innovation, will assume the new leadership positions.  
With that in mind, I'm excited to announce #hrwins, the first ever complete look at truly innovative HR Technology products across all categories.  Products and services that do things that haven't been done before - and those that solve old problems in brand new ways.
This isn't about picking a short list of the "most innovative".  We will be rating product innovation across several standardized dynamics.  Demos and evaluations are already under way.  Over the next few months, #hrwins will report on trends in HR Technology.  In October we'll start to identify specific products within each HR Technology category that deserve attention, and award the distinction of "Top HR Companies To Watch" to those vendors with the most exciting product innovations.
When HR Technology vendors innovate they create an opportunity for HR, and the business of getting work done, to proceed to a much more desirable level.
When HR Technology vendors innovate, HR wins. (hence #hrwins was born)
All categories in play in HR Technology today will be considered:
Talent Management
Learning Management
Talent Acquisition
Applicant Tracking
Employee Engagement
Work Management
Mobile HR
Recruitment Marketing
Social HR
Social Recruiting
Talent Sourcing
Employee/Candidate Assessment
Employee/Candidate Screening
Workforce Planning

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